Friday, March 21, 2014


UltraVT (old man's perspective)

How do you describe to a stranger ultraVT?
UltraVT is a group of folks who love to run, have a good time and push the limits of what normal people say is possible. We are a bunch of rag-tag runners from all different places, and backgrounds. UltraVT is AWESOME.

When did you get involved with ultraVT? 
I got involved in ultraVT before there was ultraVT! I did my first ultra with other people at VT when I was a freshman in 2006. I was convinced to run Holiday Lake, got 9th and was hooked. Since then I have been doing ultra's on and off until meeting up with the team when I moved back to Blacksburg in 2012. Since then I guess I have been involved as much as a non-college-old-married-dude can be.

How do you see yourself within ultraVT?
I see myself as the team Physiotherapist haha. I try and do my best to take care of folks who get themselves hurt and get them back running! I also see myself as that guy who will run with anyone for as long or as short a distance as they want. I don't follow any strict training plans so I have the flexibility to be the person you can call up for a 30 minute run or an 8 hour run.

What's your favorite aspect of ultraVT?
I love that there are people who come from such a wide variety of running (or non-running) backgrounds! My favorite aspect is probably that there finally is a group of people with somewhat similar goals and ambitions here in the 'burg. Its also nice to have people to talk to about ultras and not hear the same "you run HOW FAR?" or "I wouldn't drive my care that far" sort of comments.

What's your favorite trail run in the Blacksburg vicinity?
My favorite run in the area has to be the Appalachian Trail leaving from Craig Creek road and heading up into the Brush Mountain East section of the Jefferson Nat forest. I love the solitude of this section as well as the long climbs. Its a great place to go by yourself or with a group of people because the terrain is tough but not overwhelmingly difficult. There are also tons of great views along the way. I suggest taking it all the way to Dragon's Tooth and back or going from there to Mcafee's Knob

Any secrets you'd like to share?
I like rice....and rice hats
Oh yeah...also, the best saying to live by is, "Happy wife= happy life"

Favorite post-race meal?
Rice....or whatever the Mrs. cooks up

What are your bucket-list races/running adventures?
1) Rim to rim to rim- Self explanatory
2) H.U.R.T.- ALOHA! (I just want to beat a lottery....just once)
3) Giles county AT MEGATRANSECT (made that name up myself)

Sometimes I jump off 300 ft bridges in South America....sometimes
The end

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